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PublishDrive Abacus saved bestselling author Michael Anderle and other indie authors 20+ hours per month.




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Michael Anderle, Bestselling Indie Author

“Before PD Abacus we’d spend approximately 20-25 hours per month calculating, checking, and distributing royalty information to authors. We anticipate cutting that time to between 2-4 hours per month with PD Abacus.”

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How PD Abacus, the Ultimate Royalty Splitting Solution, Saves Hours of Time for Co-Authors and Publishing Teams

PublishDrive, a global self-publishing platform, has developed the ultimate royalty splitting solution - PD Abacus. This service makes it easy to calculate co-author royalties, keep track of team costs, distribute royalty reports to contributors, and more.

PublishDrive is a self-publishing platform helping ten thousands of authors and publishers with ebook, print and audiobook publishing under one roof. We support you to distribute books worldwide, market strategically and achieve success on your own terms.
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Rachel Morgan, Author of the bestselling YA fantasy series, Creepy Hollow