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Increase your take-home royalties by at least  35% with PublishDrive’s distribution platform, promotional tools, and real-time analytics. 


We distribute the full catalog of the biggest Central - Eastern European publishing houses  (Litera in Romania,  Libri in Hungary or Fractura in Croatia ); work with independent, award-winning publishers in the UK (Darf Publishers , Amber Books , Aurora Metro Books); and mid-sized indies in the US (Amberjack Publishing, Lifestyle Entrepreneurs , LMBPN) next to the more than 10 000 publishers from more than 120 countries.


Write more. Worry less.

PUBLISHDRIVE DISTRIBUTION is an easy-to-use, cloud-based software for smart publishers. Make your catalog available in 400+ stores and more than 250 000 libraries across America, Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe; reach audiences globally with newsletters and improve your titles' chances of being discovered with AI categorization improvement. Use the only platform to distribute print, ebooks, and audiobooks under one roof.


Publish Ebooks, Print-on-Demand And Audiobooks & Bring Your Publishing Business Under One Roof


Because publishers grew  35% on average with PublishDrive.

  1. Keep 100% royalties: you’ll get the same royalties as you’d get direct with stores. Or even more! :)

  2. Ebook, POD, audio: manage all of your book formats in one dashboard

  3. Book management: bulk import, update, and export to save at least 30 hours for managing titles

  4. Promotion options: boost your sales 5x with in-store featuring, review copies and advertising tools

  5. Analytics: get real-time analytics to see the big picture of market trends

  6. API: use advanced tech tools to programmatically manage books or get sales updates

  7. Royalty management: set up your authors, terms and manage reporting, financials automatically with PublishDrive for them to save up to 6 hours/author/month